Baytown pastor who shot attempted burglar speaks out

The Baytown pastor who shot a man attempting to burglarize his church spoke about the shooting in his sermon Sunday.  The suspect is in stable condition but Pastor Benny Holmes of the Church of New Beginnings says what happened is a lesson for everyone.  He says like anyone he still had to defend himself.

Members lifted their voices in praise just says after their fearless leader did everything in his power to protect their place of worship.

"Just because I’m a pastor I’m not exempt from protecting myself.  Jesus also wants us to use our common sense," Holmes said.

He says what happened Tuesday morning reminds everyone that faith must be exercised in many ways.

"We are in a spiritual warfare and the church is being held captive as prisoners of war and what do we need to do to combat that?," Holmes asked, "Meaning we have to arm ourselves not only with the word of Gos but in the natural we have to arm ourselves with things that are going to protect us just as you would your own home."

He says he even prays for the young man who broke into the House of the Lord.

"Hopefully the young man who went through this will all of a sudden realized you know what I need to walk the straight and narrow path now because things could have been different," Holmes said.

He says he's heard mixed reactions from people about what happened, but Holmes says you can't judge anyone until you've been in their shoes.