Bayou City Buzz: Baywatch Dolphin Tour

Located on Harborside Drive at Pier 21 in Galveston Texas, Atlantic bottlenose dolphins await you. Yes, there are dolphins in Galveston!

Baywatch Dolphin Tour is a one hour excursion in the gulf hosted and narrated by captain Victor Clark. 

Not only are you dolphin watching in this 45 minute excursion, you’re also learning and sightseeing. Things like a World War II submarine and destroyer, the tall ship Elissa, drilling rigs, ferry boats and of course, the mighty ship channel. The captain even lets you drive the boat. 

When you see a dolphin, you’re told to yell to alert others on the boat and invite the dolphins to come closer. And don’t worry about dolphin safety, this boat is a jet drive boat, meaning there are no propellers, allowing you to get up close to the dolphins in their natural habitat. 

How much for all this fun? $5 for kids ages two to 12 and adult tickets cost $10.