Band plays for healthcare workers at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Woodlands

Some frontline workers are doing something special to put a smile on the faces of their colleagues at lunchtime. So many people are taking meals to medical staff but what happened at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands is a different sweet lunchtime treat, as the band Willow Creek Junction took to the makeshift stage.

Toes are tapping, many in the crowd are swaying and dancing to the beat. The music will certainly get you moving but one glance at the audience and you’ll notice something different about the concert-goers. They’re all wearing scrubs or doctor’s coats because the band is playing at lunchtime in the lobby at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center.

"We haven’t had any visitors, just for our patient's safety.  Now to see a band playing it gives a positive feeling,” smiles Memorial Hermann Dr. Amarbir Mattewal and that’s the whole idea. Willow Creek Junction is performing in the hospital to lift the spirits of frontline workers.


"We just wanted to give back a little bit. I work here for one. This is my community, this is my family,” says Memorial Hermann Nurse Reid Douglas who is also a Willow Creek Junction band member.

That’s another thing, everyone in the band is or has family ties to medical staff or they're first responders like Pondersosa Firefighter and Willow Creek Junction Drummer Hunt Whitten.

"This is one avenue we had to give back and hopefully make their day brighter and use our music to encourage these very tired workers. Our passion is creating great music. To see others enjoy that especially in a non-traditional atmosphere is really special. It’s been a long time since they’ve had a normal workday. So we’re hoping to bring some normalcy with some live music to help relieve some stress,” says Whitten. 

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Looks like their mission is accomplished. “This is a good environment. It lifts the spirits of everybody who’s working here,” says Dr. Mattewal

"We’re playing a lot of upbeat songs that hopefully will bring some light and bring some joy,” adds Douglas. 

It, Positively Houston, put a smile on my face as well. "Brighter roads are ahead. It’s almost over. I know everyone’s exhausted,” says Whitten.

The band has another gig scheduled at another hospital next Thursday. They plan to play at as many hospitals that will have them. Find Willow Creek Junction on their Facebook page.