Authorities arrest wanted man for allegedly sexually assaulting, robbing woman at Memorial Park

Officials say they have arrested a man linked to a possible sexual assault that took place at one of Houston's most popular parks in late September. 

According to Houston Police, Terrian Leescott Brewer was arrested Friday around noon. 

BACKGROUND: Police investigating possible sexual assault case at popular Houston park

During a press conference, HPD Commander Ron Borza said after an investigation in collaboration with the FBI, they received a tip on where they could find Brewer in a rural area of Rosenberg. 

Authorities said with the assistance of the Texas DPS, they were able to find Brewer at his home and after an initial struggle, where he refused to get out of his home, they were successful and he even admitted to robbing the victim during an interview, but not for the sexual assault. 

Among the tips they received, officials said, included the car he drove, which was distinct in its description. We’re told the incident happened around 11:30 p.m. on September 29, where the victim was robbed and sexually assaulted in the area of East Memorial Loop Drive.

"During the incident, the suspect attacked the victim, held a sharp object close to their neck, and threatened them with a gun in an attempt to steal their belongings," said Houston Crime Stoppers in a press release. "The suspect also sexually assaulted the victim numerous times during the incident."

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Currently, police are asking for any additional people, who may have been a victim of Brewer, to come forward if they have any additional information that can assist with their investigation.