Atlanta Heart Walk turns into a celebration of life

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FOX 5 teamed up with The American Heart Association in the fight against heart disease.

The walk promotes physical activity and heart-healthy living, while saving lives. One young man shared his heartwarming story during the walk.

D'Sean Bray was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy at the age of 17. Bray received a life-saving heart transplant at Egleston Hospital. "I'm the survivor of a heart transplant and it's a blessing, that is what it is," said Bray. "If it wasn't for Egleston, my family and the support I have...I wouldn't be here today.  This is my team right here!"

The heart walk was an opportunity for Bray and his family to pay tribute to the young man whose heart now beats in his chest. On the back of "Team D'Sean" tee-shirts is the name of his organ donor, 15-year-old Christopher Abernathy. Bret Dunham, the father who donated his son's heart said, "It's really really awesome because something good came out of a very bad situation."

Dunham donated Christopher's heart to D'Sean Bray after losing his son in a traffic accident.  Christopher and D'Sean were in the same hospital, when the grieving father made the selfless decision to donate his son's heart.

The two families walked together as one to raise awareness

"It's a blessing I'm just glad it could be me, for the love of his family the support of his family they took me in with open arms," said Bray.