Astros fans pack Minute Maid to watch Game 3 of the ALDS

Although Game 3 of the ALDS was held in Cleveland, Astros fans in Houston crowded into Minute Maid Park Monday to cheer on their team at the official watch party.

It was a sea of orange and blue at Minute Maid Park Monday afternoon as Astros fans, young and old, cheered on the reigning World Series Champs in Game 3 of the ALDS. 

"I'm a stronger believer they're going to go all the way," fan Monica Lopez said. 

"We're going back-to-back that's for sure H-town. And we deserve it. The city deserves it. We're going all the way. We'll sweep today, take care of Boston or the Yankees next and whoever's left is going to be chumps," said fan David Arriasola.

Many enthusiastic fans brought out their vintage game props and several others dressed to impress, confident the Astros would sweep to close out the series against the Cleveland Indians. 

"We've had a lot of down years in Houston. I've been an Astros fan since 1978 as a little kid. Last year brought me to tears and I'm ready to cry again," said Arriasola. 

Some fans are native Houstonians who've been waiting their whole lives to see their team win year after year.

"They've been my team since I was a little girl and I love them," said fan Kathleen Robinson. 

And others just can't deny the talent on the team. 

"They're good. They're the team to beat and they can't be beat," said Jeff Murphy.

"I love the Astros because they're good and they won the World Series last year," said Travis Robinson. 

"Last year our city really deserved it after Harvey and this year -- they just never settle. They never do," Kathleen Robinson said.