Another human smuggling operation thwarted in SW Houston

Less than five days after two dozen people were rescued from a human smuggling operation in southwest Houston, police are now investigating another report of human smuggling in the same area.

Houston police say they were alerted by an anonymous tipster about a possible smuggling ring at an apartment complex off Fondren Rd. near Bellfort Ave.

When officers arrived at the complex in the 11300 block of Fondren, they found six men in one apartment.

Five men are said to be from Ecuador, one from Guatemala.

Just last Thursday, a man in briefs escaped a house on Ridgeton Dr., and exposed a smuggling operation that had 29 people in their underwear. 

Video shows how man exposed apparent human smuggling operation

The U.S. Attorney's office said in a statement that a Honduran national who was illegally residing in Houston has been charged with harboring 29 individuals.

30 people in their underwear found inside southwest Houston home in human smuggling operation

Federal authorities are investigating a possible human smuggling operation in southwest Houston after a man in his underwear was seen running down the street, yelling that he was kidnapped. Two dozen people were found in a home.

The U.S. Attorney's office said in a statement that Honduran national Mauro Dominguez-Maldonado, 36, who was illegally residing in Houston has been arrested and charged with harboring those 29 individuals.