Amazon Alexa and Ring doorbell help spot Houston car thieves

“When anything like this happens you lose a sense of security”, says Samantha Maret.

It was early Friday morning and Maret was fast asleep. Her fiancé tried calling her multiple times, but when he couldn’t get ahold of her, he got creative.

“So then he called me frantically for like an hour, called all my friends, we are all asleep it’s four in the morning you know and then called the Alexa at the house and woke me up because I’ve got one right on my nightstand. So he’s like your car was stolen, your car was stolen and I was like what how do you even know that and he’s like I watched it go look on the driveway and I was like no!”

Maret went downstairs and sure enough the Jeep was gone. Their Ring camera caught it all on camera. Maret filed a police report and just four hours later got called with some good and bad news. The thieves had crashed it into a Charger, two girls were inside at the time and one was able to capture this cel phone video before the men took off running. Maret was glad to hear her car

“The video of my car it still shakes me up a bit, when I saw that it had hit two other people I was speechless, I was really gasping for air because there’s a sense of responsibility that you’ve got regardless if it it was your fault or not or whatever but that’s my car and it hurt someone”, says Maret.

Recognize these men? Call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.