Aldine ISD aides fired after seen on camera doing nothing while special needs student attacked

Aldine ISD confirmed Thursday it has fired the employees seen on camera standing by while a special needs middle school student was attacked. 

BACKGROUND: Attack of special needs student caught on camera; 3 adults in video seem to do nothing

The assault was caught on camera at Jones Middle School, where a sixth grader's grandmother told FOX 26 how horrifying it was that the adults in the video seemed to let it happen. 

"I’m angry," says Veda Cavitt whose 11-year-old grandchild functions on the level of a 4-year-old. "Those adults in that video stood there. They did not attempt to help my child."

The video of the sixth-grader in an unprovoked attack by another special needs child is hard to watch.

In a statement released Thursday, Aldine ISD said the aides are no longer employed with the district. 

"The incident at Jones Middle School between two special needs students on January 25th is sad and deeply concerning. The district launched an immediate investigation; however, upon further review, the District has taken additional action. The District no longer employs the aides present during the incident. This incident should not have occurred. The district trains paraprofessionals in nonviolent crisis intervention techniques at the beginning of each school year and will reinforce that training during the remainder of this year.  As such, the district expects everyone to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates the proper regard for others and does not tolerate behavior that infringes on the safety and emotional well-being of any student or staff member. Our district leaders will continue to work together to find solutions which provide a safe, healthy, and nurturing learning environment in our schools in order to support academic achievement, respectful interactions, and engagement."