After 27 years in operation state revokes home day care license

“I love the kids,” said home day care operator Annie Keefe.

Caring for children is in Keefe’s blood.

“I had a good day care my parents all loved me I love my children they became family to me,” Keefe said. “I’ve always taken good care of them.”

Keefe has operated a home day care for almost 30 years she says without a single problem from the state.

But in April state inspectors revoked her license.


State licensing officials say Keefe’s operation poses a health and or a safety risk to children because of her repeated failure to comply with minimum standard rules.

She was cited for things like failing to maintain a sign in and sign out log and not covering up electrical outlets.

None of the violations cited by the state involve harming children.

“I thought they were getting an award for write ups I didn’t know what to think,” Keefe said. “Everything they wrote me up for was minor nothing is going to hurt nobody in my home it hasn’t happened in 27 years it’s not going to happen now.”

While Keefe faces financial ruin longtime friends and customers are left to wonder if all the attention licensing officials are giving her is a good use of the state’s limited resources.

“I never had to worry about my daughter at all,” said Barbara Carter. “I always knew she was in good hands and was taken care of and loved.”

Keefe has hired an attorney to fight the state’s action but four months have passed and the state has yet to even give her a hearing date.

“I’ve lost all my income and having to pay a lawyer,” Keefe said. “They should be the ones paying not me I haven’t done nothing.”