Activist Quanell X Opposing HERO Ordinance, NAACP Reaffirms Support

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In the fight against Houston area discrimination none can claim a larger on-going role than Quanell X.
And yet the often controversial community activist is forcefully opposing the proposed Houston Equal Rights Ordinance in its present form.

No man should go into a female restroom unless that man has had a biological, physical sex change. If he has had the physical change, then fine let him go, but if he has not had the physical transformation completely he should not go into a female's restroom," said Quanell X.

It is a position challenged by the Houston NAACP and Urban League whose members are bankrolling a new radio ad which insists this version of HERO is needed now to offer African Americans local protection.

"I'm Brandon Ball. On September 11, 2015 me and two friends were charged to get in a local Houston establishment while white patrons were allowed entry at no charge. Its discrimination and that's unacceptable," says Ball in the minute long spot.

"Racial discrimination still does exist and because it exists we want to make sure there is a tool in place when that happens," said Fran Watson, spokesperson for Houston Unites which is supporting passage of Prop 1.

Quanell X says cut out transgender access to the restroom of choice, as other cities have chosen to do and he and others bound by religious conviction can fully embrace the law.

"I think it's nothing more than political wickedness and games to lump them together as a fear, scare tactic to the broader community saying either give us what we want or you lose your gains," said Quanell X.