A Christmas love story, lights inspire a proposal

A house in Highland Ranch, Colorado inspires a little Christmas joy and a lot of love.

Hundreds drive by and drop in for a visit to the Highlands Ranch Gingerbread House each Christmas. The lights are hung in perfect straight lines as they shine all season long. Nathan Coley observes the house and confirms, “A high electricity bill. Definitely.” 

The house has become a holiday tradition for so many. Walter Hazard the owner of the beautiful home states, “We have families that come by year after year.” And while the lights are guaranteed to be spectacular, you never know what else you’ll see.

Hazard exclaims, “I didn't expect the carolers either, it was just at the right time wasn't it? And I don't, I can't even believe that they know the words to that particular song, 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town', nobody knows the lyrics anymore it's so wonderful.” 

For kids young and those young at heart, the experience is free for all to enjoy. Nathan Coley a newcomer to the Highland home revealed, "So, I'm from California but I'm stationed in San Antonio, Texas with the United States Air Force and I came up here to spend Christmas with my girlfriend.” And for a house that looks like it’s made of frosting and candy canes, no one expected it could be this sweet.

Coley got down on one knee and turning to his girlfriend professes, "You're an absolute gift from God to me. You're the biggest blessing I've ever had in my entire life and there's no other woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Mikayla would you marry me?”

Mikayla Sandalcidi cheers, “Yes, yes, yes.'. and admits she wasn't expecting the proposal at all but it sure made the holiday season merrier.

Homeowner, Walter reiterates why the house is such a joy explaining, “It's the best. It's the best. It’s why we do this. This is why we have the house.”

It’s why he spends thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours making it perfect. His friends, neighbors, and strangers can make perfect Christmas memories of their own, but this Christmas Eve the lights were a little bit brighter.

KDVR reporter Ashley Michels contributed to this report.