91.7 NGEN radio host DJ Marcus Sullivan serves up motivation in addition to music

Listening to the radio may make you dance but have you ever tuned in to be encouraged? In this Positively Houston, we talk with a Houston DJ who's known for not only the music he plays but the motivation he gives. 91.7 NGEN radio morning DJ Marcus Sullivan was feeling the weight of 2020 along with his listeners so he began to pray with them on the air. One of his first prayers hit a hundred thousand views on social media no sooner than he posted it.

"May nothing separate us from you today. Lord God teach us how to choose your way today God so that each step will lead us closer to you God" is just a portion of his prayer.


It was his love for music that put the 91.7 NGEN radio DJ in front of the microphone for his daily show Marcus In The Morning but simply playing songs expanded to saying a daily prayer in the stress of the pandemic and after the need for unity following the death of George Floyd. "I literally never thought this would be me. I'm the guy that literally makes jokes. I don't want to be a deacon. I don't want to be a preacher and here I am in the fourth largest city in America praying in between good music and giveaways and fun," he smiles.

Listeners have come to expect Marcus' 7:45 am prayer. "This is the moment when we stop and we go heart to heart. Hundreds and thousands of us join together for prayer" Marcus says into his microphone.   

NGEN plays positive, uplifting pop and hip hop with no vulgarity or profanity. "So I was like this is great music for my kid. I've been listening to KSBJ (NGEN's sister station) for a long time," explains Houston Nurse Mika Reed who is a diehard Marcus In The Morning fan and is touched and inspired by his prayers. "It's a great way to start my morning. Especially getting ready to come and care for the patients".

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"I get callers from all around. I've got a faithful listener named Josh. He's a professional basketball player in Japan. He plays oversees. The time difference is night and day but he makes sure he goes to bed with Marcus In The Morning," Marcus adds.

About 20 minutes before prayer time callers start dialing in, making prayer requests. "Now the phones ring like I'm giving away something". Marcus is indeed giving hope and drawing great inspiration himself from his wife and sons. "Those two little boys Ethan and Emerson they are real-life motivation and then for my wife, for her supporting me and pushing me to do more I can't thank her enough".

Catch Marcus In the Morning Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on 91.7 NGEN Radio.