5,370 marijuana plants removed from grow field

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On September 3rd the Austin County Sheriff's Office was notified by the DPS Narcotics Marijuana Eradication Team with information that they noticed a marijuana grow located next to the Brazos River in the Raccoon Bend area. On September 4th they furnished coordinates of the location to the Sheriff's Office. On September 8th at 2:30 PM, Sheriff Brandes along with a DPS Narcotics Officer flew the location and noticed the grow. On September 9th at 6:00 AM, a takedown team consisting of DPS Narcotics Officers, DEA Agents, Austin County SRT Team and Austin County Deputies were assembled and at day break removed the marijuana and destroyed the irrigation system and camp area. No persons were found tending the plants or in the area. Austin County EMS units were on location and stood by in case of a medical emergency. Approximately 5370 marijuana plants were removed. Due to the heavy woods and rough terrain, all marijuana plants were flown out by helicopter and then loaded into the Sheriff's Office cattle trailer. On September 9 th a destruction order was obtained from the Austin County District Attorney's Office. Then at 2:00 PM that day all marijuana plants were destroyed at the Austin County PCT # 4 yard located on Peters San Felipe Road, Sealy.  "I would like to thank all agencies involved in this take down. Again it is great that all agencies work together to keep our County good," says Sheriff Brandes.