30 cars vandalized in gated apartment complex garage in southwest Houston

The parking garage at Tate at Tanglewood Apartments at 5880 Inwood requires a remote to gain access.

But yet, residents told us this was the second time since last spring vandals damaged a number of vehicles parked in the garage.

Haydenin Alfonso showed FOX 26 a picture of her car on May 7 with no wheels.

She says at least six other vehicles were vandalized on that day. She woke up Tuesday to find both of her passenger windows smashed. Nothing was stolen.

"It's sad I've lived here for five months and this happened twice to me," Alfonso said. "It's frustrating."

"Nothing inside got stolen because there was nothing in there," said Kambell Walker. "Just smashed the windows to check out what was in there."

This also marks the second time it's happened to Walker.

He says he has to pay to replace the broken windows.

"The first time it was $750. I assume it's going to be about that much this time," Walker said.

His lease is up in August, but Walker says he wants out now.

He told us he doesn't know if that will happen, because the complex hasn't responded to his email.

When we went to the leasing office we were told the property manager was not there and there would be no comment.