3 new schools to open in Katy ISD

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Bond elections in Katy ISD have been sometimes controversial, but this year, thousands of students are seeing the direct benefit, with more classrooms and less overcrowding.

The $38 million dollar Tays Junior High School open, along with two other brand new elementary schools.  Tays relieves overcrowding at Woodcreek and Seven Lakes Junior High Schools, improving the coming school year for students there, as well.

Tays was built for 1,400 students, and Principal Dr. Kris Mitzner says that's how many students she has registered for Monday morning.

The school is equipped with the latest technology, but Mitzner says the key to success is having the right people in place.

"Our goal hiring was to find people who really wanted to build relationships with students," Dr. Mitzner told Fox26 during a tour of the new school.

When we walked into one of the classrooms, we found her entire staff of Math teachers team building, working on collaborative teaching.

Of course, they are excited about the new building, but they say the best part of opening a new school is creating the culture for success.

"We get to set the tone, and set the way everyone feels at our school," said teacher Meredith DaSilva. "So it's really fun for us."

"I think the great difference maker is not just having a great building that has technology and all of that, but the people that connect kids with the things that bring them joy, bring them passion," Dr. Mitzner said.

She believes, new building or old, Katy ISD gives all student reasons to love learning. She says the district uses the bond money to keep all of the schools updated with the latest technology.

"That's what I think has been great about the district as a whole," she says. "It is exciting for the kids to be here [at Tays], but it's exciting for kids to be at any school in the district."

Jenks and Bethke Elementary schools open up Monday as well. There are 3 more new schools under construction for 2017.