3 Children safe after young mom found shot dead in Acres Homes

(Photo: FOX 26 Houston)

Three children have been located after their mother was found shot to death Friday morning in the Houston Acres Homes neighborhood on West Montgomery Road.

Houston Police say the woman’s three children are safe with family in Bryan after police spent several hours unable to locate them. 


Police say they questioned and released one person of interest, and the investigation continues.

"I heard the scream, but I didn’t think [sic] nothing of the scream," said one neighbor who asked to stay anonymous for fear of her safety.

She added it was obvious there was a fight between Denejea Wells and her boyfriend, but she never heard the gunshot when the fighting stopped. Police say a bullet to the lower chin left the 24-year-old dead.

"We don’t know if it’s a suicide or a homicide," said Houston Police Lt. Pavel speaking to reporters at the scene of the shooting while it was still dark out.

Police say Wells’ boyfriend—in his late 50s—called 911 after the shooting and told police it a suicide, but then he didn’t stick around for the police to show up. By afternoon, police changed their tune, saying they’re looking for a suspect.
There were signs of forced entry to the home.

One of Wells’ neighbors told FOX 26 the two bonded over their shared struggle with abusive partners. She asked for anonymity for fear of the man she is seeking protection from.

"I told her to do the same thing that I was doing," she said "Go to the police station. You have to report it."

She says she tried to get Wells to ask for help for herself, her two toddlers, and her elementary-aged child.

"They’ll give you somewhere else to live—whatever it is you need to do," she said. "Like stop playing around. He’s a clown."

Neighbors say they’re taking the deadly shooting as a reminder to stay safe.

"Girl, I’m just gonna stay away from the men period, ‘cause I ain’t got time," said Sinclair Gancher, another neighbor. "I ain’t got time, baby. They [sic] crazy. That’s why I ain’t been dealing with them. When I see the signs at first and they get the mess to start being violent...I remove myself, ‘cause you eventually cannot stay like that. It gets worse."

Houston police haven’t said whether the person they questioned Friday is the boyfriend. They haven’t named the boyfriend as a suspect at this time.