2 HISD Austin HS employees under investigation amid inappropriate conduct accusations

Two HISD Stephen F. Austin High School employees are being investigated for alleged inappropriate conduct. 

“One of the individuals has been a long time, well-respected educator on the campus,” explains Zeph Capo with the Houston Teachers Federation.  The well-respected educator he's referring to is the band director.

The Austin High School band has been under his direction for years.  In fact, he has been with HISD for 14 years.  Now the Houston Teachers Federation confirms the Austin High School band leader and one other employee are under investigation by HISD.

“The only thing that we’ve heard is an inappropriate relationship and that is extremely nebulous,” says Capo.  That is vague indeed.  HISD has not confirmed to us if the alleged inappropriate relationship was with a student or an adult.

”It’s just shocking because I speak to him every now and then and it’s just surprising. (Does that seem out of character for him?)  Yes,” answers ReRe Sampy who has a child at Austin High.   

“This is completely out of character, for anyone who knows him and knows the stellar work he’s provided to the campus for many years,” adds Capo.

According to the Teachers Federation, when this type of accusation is made, typically the school official is reassigned off campus pending the outcome of the investigation.  Several parents are now asking what will happen with the band program?  HISD hasn’t yet answered that question for us.

”He has been an amazing individual that has built that program up, consistently working extra hours, putting in the additional time to make it a successful program,” says Capo.                

The Houston Teachers Federation has provided an attorney to represent the band director.

HISD released this statement:

Allegations of inappropriate conduct have been levied against two Austin High School educators. Upon learning of the allegations, the employees were immediately reassigned off-campus pending the outcome of a full investigation by HISD Police. The district’s internal investigative unit will also investigate these allegations. Please know we take these situations very seriously as the safety of our students is always our top priority.