12 dogs euthanized 24 hours after rescue group takes pictures to find homes

“It’s heartbreaking because we tried to do everything we thought was right," said Tammy Diezi with Bells Buds Dog Rescue.

All they wanted, the dog rescuers say, was a chance to give 12 pups a fighting chance.

“Most of them were very sweet," Diezi said.

These women say all they got in return for their life saving efforts was deception and finger pointing.

“If they would have just told us," said Diezi.

The rescuers came to Brookshire, a town of around 5,000 about an hour northwest of Houston, on a Wednesday to take these pictures of the dogs.

“We had several dog rescues across the country, including New York and New Jersey, that were willing to step up and take some of these dogs,” said Tammy Livingston with Bells Buds Rescue.

“We were waiting on communication from the mayor and police chief and you know radio silence nothing happened,” said Denise Gates-Gold with Hooves and Hounds Rescue.

Now the rescuers say they know why their calls and e-mails were ignored for days. The dogs didn’t leave the primitive Brookshire pound for new homes. Their one and only trip was to die.

“The dogs were all euthanized by 3 o’clock on Thursday and we were here at 3 o’clock on Wednesday photographing the dogs,” Livingston said.

These women say if the mayor or police chief would have given them just a few hours notice they would have picked up all 12 dogs.

In a city council meeting, the police chief blamed Doug Worthy, Brookshire’s only animal control officer who is a contract employee.

Worthy abruptly quit three days before the dogs were euthanized.

“And that’s all because Doug decided he didn’t want to be here anymore,” Police Chief Brandal Jackson said in the meeting.

City council member Kim Branch blames the Mayor.

“That would be on Mayor Eric Scott,” Branch said.

Mayor Scott didn’t accept blame or deny it during the meeting.

“Very sad. Can’t un-ring the bell. Dogs are gone,” said Terrye Branson.

In an email, Chief Jackson reiterated to us he blames Worthy for walking out on the city and the animals leaving both in a bad situation.

In a prepared statement, Worthy says for six years he’s tolerated unjust scrutiny and negative criticism of his job performance by certain Brookshire city council members.

Mayor Eric Scott has ignored our calls for comment.