Why women prefer a 'dad bod' to 'six-pack abs'

Mary Jo Rapini


Each generation sets the tone for what makes men attractive. Body image experts suggest that women are more attracted to deep voices, tall and physically fit men, but realistically that is not what women are looking at. In our ancestor's day, women needed a guy who would go out and kill a beast and bring it home for dinner. In the 1950s, women didn't work outside the home and they needed a guy who could do heavy lifting, bring home the bacon and be a good provider.

Today women are working and able to hire help with heavy lifting as well as whatever chores need doing. Women are looking for a guy who will be an equal parent and partner. They don't need a guy with a six-pack as much as they need a guy who will take the kids to karate, soccer and still have time for enjoying friends. This trend is not likely to change anytime soon. In a recent study from the University of Aberdeen, more than 4,500 women were shown photos of men's faces. One was very masculine, and the other had softer features. Women from wealthier countries such as the United States preferred the softer faces. The scientists predicted that when women didn't feel threatened they preferred the softer faces as opposed to the macho type men.

What is it about having a dad body that turns women on the most?

1. Guys with a dad body seem more human, natural and vulnerable to women. This helps them open up and share their insecurities more. For women, this connection is very important for falling in love.

2. Dad bodies are less intimidating for women and they feel better about their own body.

3. Women like the attention of being the prettiest of the couple. The majority of women like a guy who is bigger than they are. It's depressing if his jean size is smaller.

4. Dad bods aren't as controlling with eating clean and are more likely to enjoy pizza night with the kids without having to spend a punishing night at the gym.

5. Dad bods are more transparent and you know what you're getting. Women are less trusting of macho men who need to have a six-pack to feel good.

There's an old saying that where a person invests their time is also where their heart is. Women want a guy who invests his time with her and the family, not someone who is always at the gym, or unable to go out with friends because they are detoxing their physically fit body. Women want a partner who makes them feel loved and secure; apparently, dad bods make them feel both.