Teenage sisters looking for adoptive home together

There’s a huge need in Houston for families willing to foster and adopt neglected or abused children. In this month’s Finding Families, anchor Sally MacDonald introduces us to two local sisters looking for a forever home. 

Kiki and Joy both have sweet and spunky personalities.  

“We bond together dancing and singing.  That's what we've always done,” said Joy. 

“We like to focus on the bright side,” said Kiki. 

We got them together for a visit at Levy Park, a visit made all the more special since the girls are currently in different placements within the foster care system. 

The sisters are hopeful there’s a family out there who will adopt them together and give them the security of a forever home. 

“They really would like someone who's going to help them nurture their interests, and if for some reason there's not an adult interested in parenting the girls then maybe mentoring them,” said Atasha Kelley- Harris, Depelchin Children’s Center.  

Both of the girls have dreams of going to college.  

I need love and support. I don't want to just have one dad or one mom. I don't want them to be single because if something happens to them I’ll be right back in placement, so I want two people,” says Joy. 

“I want to be like a regular kid.  Like some girls have sleepovers, I want to have sleepovers.  I’ve never had a sleepover before,” said Kiki. 

If you would like to foster or adopt Kiki and Joy, or mentor them, email info@depelchin.org.