Stop snoring now!

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If you constantly have to jab your mate to stop snoring at night, or perhaps your own snorts wake you up, there are non-surgical options to help alleviate the noise.

Houston-area dentist Dr. Spiker Davis brings awareness about a device that's helping his patients with the problem. 

"There are dental appliances that you put in your mouth that will help with snoring," explains Dr. Davis. "In about 60-to-70 percent of cases, it totally eliminates it. It's a very interesting appliance. They fit on the upper arch and one on the lower arch. Then, there's a hook that fits into a slot and in your mouth it pulls your jaw forward, which opens your airway and you can breathe while you sleep, so you stop snoring. The reason you snore, your tongue falls forward and your jaw drops back and when you move your jaw forward, that doesn't happen, so it solves a lot of problems." 

Dr. Davis showed several of the appliances to FOX 26 News, including ones called TAP and EMA. 

"They're similar," says Dr. Davis "One of them is an upper and lower appliance with rubber bands to pull the jaw forward. Every morning, your bite feels off and we give you this wafer that you chew on for a few seconds, and your jaw settles back into place. A lot of people tend to not use their wafer, but that's not good! You've got to use it every morning. It's good for sleep apnea for those people who don't want to use CPAP, which is a big mask with a hose and a lot of people refuse to use it. I think CPAP works better than these devices, but if you're not going to use it, this helps a lot. It's definitely an adjunct to the whole system."

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