Migraines No More program putting an end to pain

An optometrist in The Woodlands is focusing on how to alleviate migraines. He says he's testing for the root cause of each person's migraines, not just treating their symptoms. One patient, who is finally free from migraines, shared her story with FOX 26 News. She believes this treatment is where the future of health care is heading. 

Dr. Julio Arroyo has spent most of his adult life trying to put a plan together to help end migraines. 

"I suffered from migraines when I was young," says Dr. Arroyo. "It was devastating, so I understand and how incapacitating it can be and how much suffering you have."

"We've been taught by conventional wisdom that migraines are a disease, an illness, that needs to be managed with strong painkillers and invasive surgeries and what not," explains Dr. Arroyo. However, he says migraines are just a symptom, a protective mechanism when the body goes through bio-chemical reactions.  He adds that he has found a technological way to identify those underlying causes through genetic and epigenetic testing. These can come through a finger-prick blood test, urine and saliva tests, and a body scan that does not involve radiation. 

Clarissa Kincy says Dr. Arroyo's program, called Migraines No More, has changed her life.

"I didn't want to go to a neurologist and be heavily medicated more, so I came here for a more holistic, different approach," says Kincy. She also says she was suffering up to fifteen migraines each month and had to count on multiple prescription medications to work through the pain. 

"They would go all the way into my neck, down my shoulder blade, sometimes down my side to the sciatic nerve, so it really was debilitating," explains Kincy. "I get very nauseated, hot/cold flashes, so I have to submerge my body into cold body of water." Then she would have to put ice packs on her neck, eyes, and head. When that stopped helping, Kincy ended up in the emergency room and was sick of missing work because of severe pain. That's when she turned to Dr. Arroyo for help.

"Migraines are caused by focal inflammation, low energy at a cellular level, and an imbalance of the neurological symptoms, linked with epigenetic factors, so we take care of all of those factors," says Dr. Arroyo.  He uses energy medicine. Doctors have successfully used it in Europe for years and it's just picking up steam in the U.S.

We reset and realign the autonomic nervous system in a very unique and non-invasive, natural way to remove part of the elements that cause migraines. You get three scans, they give you drops that have information that go to the parts they need to fix and repair your body that way, genetic pieces they can fix, if they can, that's where the food list comes from.

Kincy says the test results show she should cut out a few foods like yogurt, parmesan cheese, and wine and take a few supplements like Zinc and B vitamins to help solve her migraine mystery. She says the No More Migraines program has done just that for her.

"More energized and able to go through my day without having to worry if it's going to pop up unexpectedly and I'm going to have to cancel plans with friends and go home to sleep off a migraine," says Kincy.

Learn more about Migraines No More by visiting http://www.energeneticwellness.com/.