Innovative gifts for graduates and Father's Day

hum by Verizon (but works with any phone service) - With features including boundary and speed alerts, pinpoint roadside assistance, an ASE Certified Mechanics Hotline and real-time vehicle diagnostics, hum helps you create a safer, smarter, more connected vehicle. Hum makes cars smarter by monitoring and communicating information about a vehicle's health through near real-time diagnostic data alerts via an easy-to-use mobile app and customer web portal. Subscribers also benefit from GPS-based Pinpoint Roadside Assistance for advanced emergency assistance and an ASE Certified Mechanics Hotline which can help drivers save time and money on automotive services. Hum's geofencing technology allows subscribers to establish boundaries for their vehicles and receive notifications when the vehicle enters or exits an area in addition to speed alerts, with the ability to select a maximum speed limit and receive alerts when exceeding that limit. Hum costs $50, along with a $20 activation fee and monthly payments of $10 (plus taxes & fees). Hum is available online at, and in Verizon Wireless stores.

Honeywell Second Generation Lyric Thermostat - After more than a century of innovation, Honeywell introduces the perfect solution for home comfort, savings, and control with its second generation Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat ($249 MSRP). The Lyric thermostat unlocks a new wave of simplified home technology with more refined, secure, and easy-to-use features, including compatibility with Apple HomeKit and Watch, Samsung SmartThings, and even IFTTT (If This Then That) recipes.  Syncing with your family's smartphones, Lyric adapts to your lifestyle using geofencing technology to keep you comfortable at home, and save you energy and money when you're away. With Apple HomeKit, you can securely control Lyric using Siri, set up special actions, and even connect to other HomeKit-enabled products in your home. Lyric even has Fine Tune technology to account for outdoor conditions, indoor temperature, and humidity, so that 72 degrees really feels like 72 degrees. To purchase the Lyric thermostat, visit and major retailers.

Intel-powered mini PC's - This year, give your dad and grad the gift of powerful computing in a small, affordable device. We're no longer looking at large desktop towers that take up significant floor or desk space, but instead, we have Intel-powered mini PCs like the Acer Revo One ($429.99) and the Dell Alienware Alpha ($449.) that provide all of the power of a desktop that your dad or grad needs, but without the tower. It's the ultimate space-saver (small enough to fit in your hand) and it packs the punch of a full-fledged PC into an ultra-portable device, allowing you to take it with you from room to room, use it with your TV in your cramped dorm room, or even take it with you outside of the home. You can find both of these mini PCs and more Intel-powered devices for your on-the-go dads and grads at

Fizzics  - To date, the home draught beer system has been restricted to Kegeraters and overly complicated homebrew kits, which has forced consumers to purchase expensive CO2 canisters, consumables and non-returnable, proprietary kegs only to be forced to consume a single type of beer or home-brew which can quickly skunk if not adequately conditioned or consumed shortly thereafter. The introduction of the Fizzics Draft Beer System represents the first universal beer system that is ushering in a renaissance in beer and lets the drinker experience a premium draught pour from any variety of beer that comes in a bottle, can or growler.  To achieve the best possible beer drinking experience, Fizzics uses high-frequency sound waves and oscillation to create a dense, long-lasting head with increased flavor and aroma. In comparison to a hand pour of beer which creates foam of randomly packed bubbles of non-uniform shape that are inherently less dense and frothy, and result in a grainy mouth-feel which limits the taste potential. Up to 75% of the way taste is perceived comes from its smell, so by increasing the aroma and bouquet of a beer through the Fizzics system a person's olfactory system is heightened creating a more delicious beer experience. It's $169 and available at,, Target stores,, BestBuy stores, Cabela's, Total Wine & More and

SpillFix - All-natural and made from coconut skins, this organic multi-use spill absorber is a must-have for every Dad.  SpillFix has been developed to provide a revolutionary spill absorbent solution to deal with all types of spills. This product delivers unbelievable performance and value. SpillFix will absorb all common household spills; detergents and softeners in the laundry room, oils, greasy sauces, dairy, soda and juices in the kitchen, all automotive fluids in the garage to vomit and body fluids from your pets and other accidents.  Unlike traditional absorbent, SpillFix is made from a completely innate, natural material. It won't harm even delicate surfaces and leaves almost no detectable residue.  When you bring a bucket of water and mop to a spill you only serve to dilute it into an even larger mess. Then you are left with a wet slippery floor that is unusable until it is dry. You can apply SpillFix to a spill and immediately begin the clean up process. The mess will be dealt with in less than half the time than with any other cleaning method. With SpillFix all moisture is absorbed rapidly to leave a relatively clean dry non-slippery surface.  SpillFix is being recognized around the world as an industry disrupter that can also be used on all types of dangerous chemical spills. It has proven to reduce clean up time and costs by 80% and creates 70% less waste than traditional clay absorbents.  If you value our environment and choose to use products that are sustainable with a low carbon footprint then SpillFix is the only spill-cleanup solution you should turn to. It will unequivocally reduce the environmental impact of your accidental spill.  SpillFix is available in 3 sizes ranging from $8.99 for a 3q shaker jar to $30 for a large 2 cubic foot bag. Home users can purchase from JEGS: or Amazon:   Industrial users can order through Fastenal: page-18 of the online catalogue: or visit