Houston girl is youngest female rapper ever signed by major record label


The rapper known as “That Girl Lay Lay” is the youngest female rapper ever signed to a major label deal.

Twelve-year-old Alaya High is from Houston, and her freestyling videos have gone viral.

So how did she learn to freestyle?

“It's something, you know, you've got to be born with. You’ve got to be born with the talent,” she says. “It’s pretty easy. You just look around, see what you have, or you can write it and you can freestyle some of it. Just depends on your style and what you like to do.”

She says she started out as an actress and then went into rapping.

“At first I was an actress. When I was young, I used to go to auditions and stuff. Then I went into rapping because my dad. I used to go to the studio with him and watch him do it. Then I tried it out and I liked it.”

She writes her own raps and says she gets inspiration from her dad.

Lay Lay has a busy schedule but says she still tries to find time for fun.

“I try to do normal kid stuff. I'm actually home-schooled. I’m about to go on tour. So I've been really busy.” she says. “I try to fit in fun things that I can do, you know, kid things I can do. But mostly, it's work. Which I love to do. It’s fun.”