Houston-area man creates Cowboy's Crawfish Washer to clean mud bugs fast

Tim McDonald, from the Houston area, came up with a way to wash crawfish in record time.

While most people try to get mud off of mud bugs in their sink, he has come up with an easier and more efficient way to get it done. 

He first started washing them outside in a pail. Then he realized a few modifications to that pail could make it a lot easier.  His friends were so impressed, they told him he should try to sell it.  It worked!

He got a patent, and then the next thing you know, his invention is considered to be a number one seller at Academy Sports and Outdoors and at Buc-ee's.  It also lead Tim to develop fish and game washers.  

For more information, https://crawfishwasher.com and http://www.gamewasher.com