Hometown Friday - EaDo street art


Buildings become the canvas for local artists in one section of EaDo and many photographers take advantage of the dramatic backdrops.

With a half-mile of street art in EaDo, you can see everything from beautiful bright landscapes with photographers trying to capture the perfect pic, Cozy family photos and students posing for class pictures -- you can even find fun aliens on the wall. You name it, it's out there. 

Professionals searching for that perfect headshot while families allow their children to select the setting.

"To me, it's what Houston is all about," says Brittney Butler. "We're so diverse in our community and just who we are, it's really cool to see local artists and that we're even allowed to have this! Not in all different cities can you have a graffiti wall! 

Photographers also enjoy the variety of backdrops

"It's pretty awesome, love the colors," says photographer Quintin Muirhead. "It's very artistic and each one of these backdrops represent something close to the artist."

The walls are where to be on the weekends with parking lots filled often with artists and food trucks on Saturday mornings. Photographers have to wait in line often.

With some online resarch, you can find the safest place to park and what time of day is best for certain types of natural light.