The Texas March Primary is right around the corner- What's Your Point?

Game time.

 We are less than two months away from the March 1st primary elections throughout the lone star state....and there are plenty of genuinely compelling contests to follow.

 For instance - who will emerge from the pack of Republicans seeking to oust Texas attorney general Ken Paxton?

 For that matter, who will democrats see as their "best shot" to prevail against Paxton...or anyone else in the fall?

 Here at home - the Republican street fight to replace retiring Congressman Kevin Brady has drawn no fewer than 15 competitors.

Betsy Bates

Candice Burrows

Christian Collins

Jonathan Hullihan

Morgan Luttrell

Dan McKaughan

Jonathan Mitchell

Chuck Montgomery

Michael Philips

Jessica Wellington

Taylor Whichard IV

County Judge Line Hidalgo has nine Republicans and three fellow Democrats offering themselves as alternative leadership.

Republican Primary  Candidates for County Judge

H.Q. Bolanos Bolanos

Martina Dixon

Robert Dorris

Oscar Gonzales

Warren Howell

Randy Kubosh

Vidal Martinez

Alex Mealer

George Zoes

Democratic Primary Candidates for County Judge

Erica Davis

Maria Garcia

Ahmad Hassan

Kevin Howard

Georgia Provost

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