Privately funded border wall at risk - What's Your Point?

This week's panel; Bob Price, Associate Editor Breitbart Texas, Janice Evans, media consultant, Tomaro Bell, Super Neighborhood leader, Bill King, businessman and columnist, Carmen Roe, FOX 26 legal analyst and Houston attorney, join Greg Groogan to talk about the small section, privately funded border wall in Texas. now in danger of falling down.

HOUSTON (AP)  July 29, 2020     A legal battle continues over the soundness of the private border wall, which was built in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley by North Dakota-based Fisher Industries, a company that has since received a $1.3 billion wall contract from the U.S. government, the largest award to date. The project has been regularly promoted by We Build the Wall, a nonprofit group Set up by Trump supporters whose online fundraiser has collected more than $25 million. We Build the Wall organizers have repeatedly claimed they have the president’s support..


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