Polling stations in Harris County jail - What's Your Point

This week's panel: Wayne Dolcefino, media consultant;  Charles Blain, Urban Reform; Carmen Roe, legal analyst and Houston attorney; Antonio Diaz-, writer, educator and radio host; Michelle Maples, conservative attorney; Anthony Graves, criminal justice advocate;  discuss the establishment of polling stations at the Harris county jail so eligible inmates can cast their ballots.

A few weeks ago the Harris County Commissioners Court voted along party lines to establish polling stations with the county jail, allowing eligible inmates to cast their ballot. Citing logistical and regulatory challenges, County Clerk Diane Trautman is now saying the decision came too late to implement for the upcoming November 3rd election. This week voting rights advocates urged Judge Lina Hidalgo to intervene and insist that inmates get the same access to electoral participation as citizens outside county custody.

HOUSTON - (FOX 26)  August 28, 2019 

Several Houston organizations are calling for the Harris County jail to be made into a designated polling location.

On Tuesday, they asked County Commissioners to make it happen, so inmates and jail employees can vote.

Mayoral candidate Johnny Taylor told FOX 26 that officials told them inmates would be able to mail in their ballots.

Commissioners also advised them to work with the sheriff's office on getting polling stations inside the jail.

"There are on average 4-5,000 people in jail who are stopped from having the right to vote," Taylor said. "So we're trying to close that gap and resolve that issue."

Taylor says he plans to talk with Harris County Sheriff's Office to come up with a plan.