Fracking's an issue, the oil and gas industry in the VP debate - What's Your Point?

Of intense interest too many here in Texas - the Vice President's claim in this week's debate that a Biden administration, would "ban fracking" and seek the rapid elimination of fossil fuels through the adoption of the green new deal. Both Harris and Biden have flatly denied any plan to outlaw fracking, despite having both publicly spoken in favor of a ban during the primary process. 

This week's panel Bob Price, Breitbart Texas, Kathleen McKinley conservative blogger, Bill King, businessman and columnist, Tomaro Bell, neighborhood leader, Tony Diaz, host, Latino News and Politics KPFT radio, join Greg Groogan,



TRUMP on Biden: "He gets up and he says, we're not fracking. We're not fracking. He was fracking. For six months he was fracking. He was raising his -- his very thin hand and he was fracking. And now all of a sudden he's not fracking. ... It's ridiculous. He said he's not fracking." -- Thursday to Fox News.

THE FACTS: It's OK to be very confused by this.  What Trump was trying to say is that Biden flip-flopped on whether he would ban fracking, though the president skipped the part about banning in his remark. Biden in a 2019 Democratic primary debate said he would ban fracking, but his campaign quickly said he misspoke and corrected the record. Biden supports banning new oil and gas leases on public lands but says he does not want a fracking ban and consider such a ban probably impossible.

Trump did add at the end of more fracking accusations, "They're going to stop fracking the minute they get into office." That's false, but it is the accusation Trump was trying to make before.

Biden did not flip-flop but rather flubbed his position at one event, his campaign said.

Democrats are divided on fracking and not all of them appreciated the clarity that Harris brought to the issue in the vice presidential debate, when she stoutly declared a Biden administration would not ban fracking.

"Fracking is bad, actually," tweeted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.

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