Flipping the Texas House - What's Your Point?

With their eye on a realistically attainable prize, a Democratic political action committee is pumping $6 million into the campaign to win control of the Texas House. The Democrats need to flip nine seats to pull off the power shift and six of the “battle ground” races are in the greater Houston area.  This week's panel; Tony Diaz, host of Latino News and politics(KPFT), Carmen Roe, Houston attorney and FOX 26 legal analyst, Tomaro Bell, Super Neighborhood Leader, Charles Blain, founder Urban Reform, Bill King, businessman and columnist join Greg Groogan to discuss the races to watch: The open  HD138 seat pitting Republican Lacey  Hull versus democrat Akilah Bacy the challenge of  Democrat Ann Johnson in  HD134 to unseat Republican incumbent Sarah Davis and  the battle for HD-26 between democrat Sarah Demerchant and republican Jacey Jetton. That said, Democratic incumbents Gina Calanni ( D – HD 132) and Jon Rosenthal (D- HD 135)  are hardly “shoe-ins” for re-election..