Downtown Houston's post-pandemic future - What's Your Point?

 Poof.....just like that...a multibillion-dollar investment in Houston’s vital infrastructure wiped off the table, and maybe for good.
I’m speaking of the controversial I-45 expansion project which drew protest for its potential disruption of neighborhoods and a taxpayer-funded lawsuit from Harris County’s attorney.


The hope was "re-configuration"...and yet the reality under the Biden administration may well prove complete "elimination".
All of this unfolding as downtown Houston is staring at a bonified economic crisis with "contracting" energy firms abandoning office space as soon as their leases expire...other business ventures opting to allow office workers to telecommute in the post-pandemic era.

A rising urban crime rate may serve to further exacerbate the sub-urban flight.
Those raising the alarm are saying - "be careful what you ask for because you just might get it".

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This week’s panel: Tony Diaz - host of Latino Politics and News on KPFT radio, well-known businessman and columnist Bill King, Charles Blain, founder of the advocacy group Urban Reform, conservative commentator – Gary Polland, and former city council member, Sue Lovell.