Candidates in run-off for Houston City Council At-Large 1

What’s Your Point host Greg Groogan talked one on one with candidates for Houston City Council At-Large Position 1 putting each in the hot seat on November 17.



Visit the candidates' websites to learn more.

Mike Knox           Raj Salhotra 

Houston City Council is made up of sixteen members, 11 elected from council districts and five at-large.  Council Members are limited to serving two terms of four years each, with each term beginning on January 2. The Mayor, the City Controller and all sixteen council members are elected every four years.

The November 2019 election ended in a runoff for all At-Large positions. On the December runoff election ballot:

At-Large Position 1

            Mike Knox (i)   

            Raj Salhotra  

At-Large Position 2

            David Robinson (i)

            Willie Davis

At-Large Position 3

            Michael Kubosh (i)

            Janaeya Carmouche

At-Large Position 4

            Anthony Dolcefino

            Letitia Plummer

At-Large Position 5

            Sallie Alcorn

            Eric Dick