An appointed independent administrator will run Harris Co. elections - What's Your Point?

This week's panel: Wayne Dolcefino, media consultant, Carmen Roe, FOX 26 legal analyst and Houston attorney, Bill King, businessman and columnist, Tomaro Bell, Superneighborhood leader, Jacquie Baly, professor UH-Downtown  join Greg Groogan to talk about the timing and the action of the Harris County Commissioners Court to vote on election day to appoint an elections administrator

Texas law allows counties multiple options for filling the voter registrar and chief elections officer. In Harris County, the tax assessor-collector serves as the voter registrar, and the county clerk serves as the chief elections officer. With the creation of the elections administrator, both of these positions will be housed with the Elections Administrator office. Bexar, Dallas, and Tarrant County all have established county elections administrator positions.
Although Commissioners Court approves the creation of the position, the elections administrator is appointed by the county’s bi-partisan Election commission, which is comprised of the county judge as chair; the county clerk as vice-chair; the county tax assessor-collector as secretary; and the county chair of each political party.