Galveston preparing for effects of Hurricane Delta

Galveston isn't supposed to be directly hit by Delta but the hurricane is certainly affecting the island.

The wind has been howling on Galveston Island as Hurricane Delta's fierce far reach roars along the Gulf Coast.

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"You look like you're about to blow over,” Galveston Resident Charla Wytt says as we chat about the weather.

"We have seen peak gusts at 57 miles an hour,” says Galveston County Judge Mark Henry.

Galveston County, City of Galveston officials closely watching Hurricane Delta

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry said Delta has slightly expanded, which means we can expect slightly stronger winds, 30-35 miles per hour. 

As wind gusts picked up around 2:30 in the afternoon Island Transit suspended service and so did the ferry due to the wind and tides.

"Also, they have reported some minor damage to a favorable landing spot on the Bolivar side. They need to assess that damage and make sure it's still safe to conduct ferry operations,” Henry explains.

"I opened my car door and the wind almost took my door off,” says Galveston resident Patrick Hansen.

The highest rainfall has been a little more than three inches.

Hurricane Delta makes landfall in Louisiana, winds at 100 mph

Hurricane Delta has made landfall as a category 2 hurricane along the Louisiana coast.

"There's no real reports of significant flooding. We do have water being pushed over highway 87 from the bayside,” explains Judge Henry.

The Galveston County Judge says the peak of the severe weather was around 2:00 this afternoon. A tropical storm warning is still in effect through the evening and a coastal flood warning until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow.

Crews began working almost immediately to restore power to the 500 Galveston residents who lost electricity this afternoon.