FOX Faceoff: Las Vegas hate crime?

Las Vegas police are charging eight minors with murder in the beating death of a 15-year-old boy. Investigators say he was attacked while trying to protect another student, but should police start a hate crime investigation? Charles Adams and Quanell X examine the issue in FOX Faceoff.

FOX Faceoff - Houston city elections and more!

Charles Adams and Quanell X tackle 3 topics: The outcome of this week's city elections, Harris County DA Kim Ogg and the release of the Nashville shooter's manifesto. Who do you agree with? - You might be surprised!

FOX Faceoff: Cleaning up San Francisco

California officials are making a push to clean up San Francisco ahead of President Biden's meetings with China's leader, but is the city really putting it's best foot forward. Charles Adams and Quanell X take a closer look in this segment of FOX Faceoff.

FOX Faceoff - Violence in America

Concern about violence in America and fears of World War III is the starting point of the conversation between Quanell X and Charles Adams, but the conversation takes an interesting turn with QX calling for a separate area in America exclusively for Black people.

FOX Faceoff: Racism, public safety, more

"A racist should be allowed to carry a gun" From viral video to public safety, U.S. foreign spending to welfare and family support Charles "Big Angry" Adams and Quanell X cover a variety of topics on this Face Off Friday.

FOX Faceoff - State bill to arrest migrants

The Texas Senate passed a bill that would give the state authority to arrest migrants at the U.S. Border, something only the federal government can currently do. Charles Adams and Quanell X discuss more in FOX Faceoff.

FOX Faceoff - Israel at war

In this week's episode of FOX Faceoff, Quanell X and Charles "Big Angry" Adams talk about Israel at War, terrorism, and religion.