Woman gives warning about community pools after her 6-year-old drowned

A Katy mom has a warning for anyone headed to a community pool this holiday week after her 6-year-old son drowned on Cinco de Mayo this year in the King Crossing community of Katy.

Jocelyn Kang says community pools are not safe, and she hopes other parents will take every precaution over the Fourth of July holiday after her son Ga Ram drowned right in front of a life guard.

“Ga Ram was five feet away from the life guard when he had drowned,” said Jocelyn. “She didn’t even jump in the pool to give him aid or anything.”

Jocelyn and her husband are now suing the teen lifeguard’s family as well as the Community Association of King Crossing and Pulte Homes of Texas, not only for recklessly disregarding the safety of the little boy, but also for failing to have a maximum occupancy rule on a crowded Cinco de Mayo weekend.

“It was right in front of the lifeguard, and she did not react,” said Mo Aziz, the attorney representing the Kang family in the lawsuit. “She did not go in. The other lifeguard that was going to switch out with her is the one who initiated the rescue.”

Aziz says Jocelyn looked away from her 6-year-old in the pool for less than two minutes while she was tending to her 4-year-old and getting ready to leave. That’s when the drowning happened.

“It’s been very hard for me, and it’s been hard watching my husband fall apart,” said Jocelyn. “I’ve never seen my husband cry as many years as we’ve been married.”

FOX 26 tried reaching the lifeguard at her home without luck. As a minor, her name isn’t being released.

“She did get on social media afterwards...and make some comment to the effect that she’s not a babysitter,” said Aziz.

Jocelyn says she wants other parents to remember that just because there’s a life guard, it doesn’t mean your child is safe.

“We want our kids to go out and have fun and to enjoy the summer and to enjoy the pool, but water is dangerous,” said Jocelyn.

The Kang family is suing for more than $1 million in monetary relief.

FOX 26 called the homeowners' association that is one of the defendants in the lawsuit, but didn’t immediately hear back from them regarding any plans to improve safety at the community pool.