What's Your Point? - Trump & Putin in Helsinki, Finland

President Donald Trump stood beside Russian leader Vladimir Putin and told the world he does not believe American intelligence agencies, that he instead accepts as “true,” a foreign dictator’s claim that Russia did not wage a campaign of cyber espionage aimed at influencing American voters and by extension, this nation’s election.

In a presidency inundated with controversial moments, rife with statements and scandals that would have devastated previous administrations, the commander-in-chief's fawning deference to Putin is truly linchpin.

Duplicitous, disloyal, even “treasonous,” all words widely used to describe President Trump’s words and actions in Helsinki.

In a 21st century nation with an attention span that seems to shrink with each passing moment, Democrats, Republicans and people who identify with neither, continue to ask a once-unthinkable question: What leverage, if any, is driving President Trump’s inexplicable embrace of Putin and subsequent betrayal of those fighting every moment of every day to protect our country from outside threats.

The What's Your Point? panel includes Republican strategist Jessica Colon, attorney Nyanza Moore, former Texas State Representative Steve Toth, Super Neighborhood leader Tomaro Bell, Chicano activist & educator Tony Diaz and Eastside conservative contributor Warren Fawcett.