West Houston residents being sued by former members of their homeowners association

Clayton Woods is a subdivision of about 100 homes.

It's a quiet neighborhood with mostly brick homes and well manicured lawns. But there's an uprising.

"We won't pay we won't pay," about a dozen residents chanted while holding signs that say the same thing.

What residents say they won't pay follows a lawsuit and counter claim involving their homeowners association.

"When the old board was voted out and the new board came in we found out that we had a lot of debt and there was no money in reserves after 20 years," sad resident Phillip Loyd.

The new HOA board asked the old board for financial records.

"We just asked them to bring the documents where they could show us how they spent our money," said resident Maria Loyd.

Phillip Loyd says after waiting a year for the financial records residents filed suit against the HOA.

That lawsuit went nowhere and now three former HOA board members are suing the homeowners association for $100,000.

"It was our understanding if our suit was dropped or dismissed that they would drop theirs but they are not dropping it," Phillip Loyd said.

"This is about us about the neighbors being finally awake the neighbors being finally aware of what's going on," said resident Tedros Teame.

 "We just want out neighborhood back we want things to stop," said resident Carol Chin.

 "Everyone in this neighborhood is not approving of what's going on here this is nonsense,"  said resident Deborah Miller.

 The lawsuit has caused friction among some of the residents.

"The people that were being sued want their lawyer fees they had to protect themselves from this nonsense that's going on," said Miller.

"Hell no, I'm not paying," Chin said.

An attorney for the three former board members ho are suing the association sent us a prepared statement. It says in part: