The harmful stereotype of the "angry black woman"

Let's take a look at the controversial "angry black woman" theory, when women are portrayed as loud, aggressive, irrational, disrespectful, and quick to resort to physical violence.

Naysayers would argue it's impossible for black women not to be angry, considering the generations of oppression, discrimination, and degradation they have had to endure. No one bats an eyelash if white men or women get angry, but if a black woman raises her voice or pushes back, she's automatically labeled "sassy" or "angry". 

Whether it's Serena Williams' emotional challenge of a call at the U.S. Open, or Congresswoman Maxine Waters challenging the Trump administrations' policies, or the reality show participant going off on her cast mates, black women are many times seen not as passionate, but unreasonable and unruly.

On Friday, Texas state representative Garnet Coleman will hold a hearing on the newly released cell phone video of the arrest of Sandra Bland, who died in a Waller County jail after a routine traffic stop escalated. One woman believes Bland would still be alive if she had not displayed stereotypical black female behavior.