Teenager denies connection to parents' murder

It's the first time we've heard from Antonio Armstrong and he described what he says happened the night of July 29, 2016. 

He wasn't on the stand, rather jurors heard a recording of his interview with detectives hours after the murders. He says he was awake on the third floor of his parents town home when he heard his parents' bedroom door on the second floor open.

"I thought it was my parents. So I walk downstairs and I was going to ask if I could get some medicine. And as I was walking downstairs, that's when I heard two gunshots go off. And I ran back upstairs I heard somebody run out of my parents' room and hit the door."

He told detectives he actually saw the killer.

"It was like a mask and all you could see was the eyes and mouth."

But when pressed by detectives, he couldn't come up with an explanation about how the mysterious man was able to get in the locked house without setting off the alarm and find his father's pistol hidden by his bedside without awakening him or his mother.

He couldn't explain that after the killer ran out of the bedroom, he still had time to place the gun on the kitchen counter downstairs and write a note. He had no explanation for how the killer escaped from the house and locked back up and reset the alarm.

"I understand how you're saying it looks impossible but I'm telling you that even though it looks impossible, I had nothing to do with it."

During the interview, detectives caught him in numerous lies.

He initially told them he hadn't fired his father's gun since he was eight. But then he admitted he fired it a few weeks earlier. He also seemed very calm during the interview and never asked about his father's condition. He was still alive when police arrived.