Sunday morning headlines


A Houston police officer is not expected to face charges after hitting a man crossing the street.  Investigators say the officer had his lights and siren on responding to a call. A man who appeared to be drunk ran out in front of the police car on Hillcroft at Unity.  He is in the hospital, in critical condition.


Houston police believe road rage is to blame for a shooting in northeast Houston. The victim told officers he was at a red light on Liberty Road when another guy pulled up next to him and shot him.He was able to drive to the North Loop east at Wallisville Road and able to call for help. The victim was brought to the hospital and is expected to survive. The shooter just drove away.


Tomorrow the suspect accused of shooting two people outside a TSU apartment building is expected in court. Police say Darrius Nichols, who is a student at the school, shot Laketric Quinn and another young woman. Quinn is in critical condition, both of the victims are not TSU students.