Southeast Houston supermarket destroyed following during evening fire

A Southeast Houston supermarket is destroyed after the building collapsed on Friday evening. 

The fire happened at Jim’s Meat Market located on the 4700 block of Yellowstone. 

Firefighters received a call around 5:30 p.m. and about 15 minutes after HFD began a defensive attack, the building collapsed. 

“We were working inside that’s when the main market told us that the room was catching on fire. That’s when we started escorting everyone out of the store. That’s when we called the firefighters and they did a perimeter search and found that nobody was at the store,” said Christopher Roman, a security guard at the store.

Some residents in the area are sad to see the store destroyed. 

“I’m kinda heartbroken because they were really famous for food and things like that. Jim was like the heart of the city where everybody come and get food, you know, and he did things like that so it was just saddening for me and the work, they were friendly with you,” said Dequindre Davis, who lived nearby the store. 

Workers inside the store told FOX 26 that there was an electrical fire. However, an official cause for the fire has not yet been determined. 

No injuries were reported in connection to the fire.