Some families evacuating Bolivar Peninsula ahead of storms churning in the Gulf of Mexico

Many people along the Texas Gulf Coast are beginning to evacuate ahead of possible hurricanes later this week.

“I’m packing up and leaving,” said Arlie Stogner. “I’ve rode out Harvey and other storms, but I’m tired of it.”


There was a line of cars Sunday as families waited for ferries to leave Bolivar Peninsula. Much uncertainty still surrounds Hurricane Marco and Tropical Storm Laura, but forecasters believe they’ll likely make landfall in Southeast Texas or Louisiana.

“I’m worried about people not taking this seriously,” said Galveston County Judge Mark Henry. “That’s what I’m most worried about.”

According to Judge Henry, Laura could make landfall as a powerful category 1 or category 2 hurricane. As of Sunday evening, no evacuations had been ordered.

“Probably the most vulnerable area [in Galveston County] would be the Bolivar Peninsula,” said Henry. “Some of the conditions could shut the ferry service down and could over-top [highway] 87.”

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Despite wobbling forecast cones, many families on Bolivar Peninsula have decided to voluntarily evacuate.

“I was wanting to stay and [my family leaving], but we’ve packed-up the things that mean a lot to us,” said Greg Leggio. “We’re going to take them with us.”

With uncertainty looming in the Gulf, families are leaving their homes unsure of how they’ll look when they return.

“We put all of our eggs in one basket and this is it,” said Leggio. “This is everything we own. If we lose it, we lose it.”

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