No massive arrests of illegal immigrants reported in Houston, despite threats by President Trump

In a tweet, President Donald Trump said ICE agents plan to arrest millions of illegal immigrants in at least 10 cities.

Houston is one of those 10 cities, but another Sunday has come and gone with no arrests happening here in the Bayou city.

"We have not confirmed that any ICE operations have taken place in Houston," said Cesar Espinosa with F.I.E.L. "We did confirm two people were picked up in a separate incident on Saturday in the Spring Branch area."

But those two arrests do not appear to be related to the crackdown.

Local pastors were gearing up for the expected raid offering illegal immigrants food and shelter.

The mayor, the police chief and the sheriff have all made it clear they are not participating in the crackdown and have even told immigrants about their legal rights. The threat of a crackdown had a lot of them staying close to home Sunday.

"People are scared we were driving around and saw many areas that usually experience high volume traffic on weekends Looking like ghost towns," said Espinosa.

There's little evidence of massive arrests nationwide.

The White House is now saying the crackdown has started slow.

Now it appears the crackdown will not include a large scale sweep so illegal immigrants won't know when it's going to happen.