New details emerge following boat crash that killed 3 people

Texas Parks and Wildlife investigators said around 7:30 p.m. Sunday evening, a large wake/ski boat and a bass fishing boat were headed towards each other around a blind corner at Lost River near Cross Bayou in Chambers County and crashed into one another at roughly 60 miles per hour. 

"They tried to veer away from each other. Unfortunately, we believe they veered in the same direction and then one tried to correct. When that happened, the other vessel, the strike vessel is what we call it, hit the other almost broadside," said Capt. Fred Ruiz a game warden with Texas Parks and Wildlife. 

Authorities said a total of 12 people were involved in the wreck: seven people on the bass boat and five on the ski boat. 

Two adult females remain in the hospital.They were sent to the hospital Sunday in critical condition. 

The three victims that were killed in the crash have been identified as Laura Kay Grant, 48, of Mont Belvieu; William Robert Bowles, 36, of Baytown; and Zachary Jackson Miles, 29, of Beach City. 

Authorities said Grant and Bowles were pronounced dead at the scene. Miles was transported to the hospital and later died. 

Brandi Burns has known 48-year-old Laura Grant for nearly two decades. Brandi describes the mother of four and grandmother of three as a good friend and loving spirit. 

"It kind of seemed surreal. I couldn't believe it. Laura and I raised our kids together. She was always very encouraging of me through my lows in life and she was an optimistic spirit. She was a free spirit too. She told it like it was," Burns said. 

A memorial for the victims was set up Monday morning at a boat ramp near the crash site. 

Dub Harper, owner of The Barn Whiskey Bar in Mont Belvieu said 36-year-old William Bowles had worked there as a manager for two years. 

The driver of the ski boat, Jacob Vernon Breaux, 23, was arrested and charged with three counts of intoxication manslaughter with a vehicle and two counts of intoxication assault with a vehicle in connection with this deadly boat accident. 


Breaux's bond is set at $200,000. 


Authorities would not say if additional charges are pending.