Mother who allegedly tried to kill infant given $50,000 bond

A mother accused of trying to kill her four-month-old baby, made her first court appearance Monday night. Although her child wasn't seriously hurt, we have learned she is facing attempted capital murder charges.

Meredith Deen, 20, stood quiet during her probable cause hearing. The details of the violence she allegedly inflicted on her child were not shared in court, but all the details were in court documents.

Apparently, Deen had become frustrated with her mother when she refused to help Deen take care of the infant. Deen admitted she could not take care of her baby on her own. The documents state on Thursday, Deen told her boyfriend she had punched her infant, and wanted to throw the 4-month-old against the wall. 

Her boyfriend observed her putting blankets and pillows on the baby, then she allegedly sat on top of them, saying, “Why don’t you die? Why are you still alive?” 

He pulled her off the baby, but she attempted to suffocate the baby again the next morning. Later that day, the boyfriend claims he drove Deen and the baby to Beginners World Learning Academy in Spring, but that Deen allegedly punched and scratched her boyfriend. When they arrived at the day care, Harris County Sheriff’s deputies were called and Deen was arrested.

Her baby was taken to the hospital, but doctors didn’t find any injuries. On Monday, Deen heard the terms of her bond. Hearing officer Connie Spence said, “For the next 91 days, Miss Deen, you don’t need to have any contact with Ryan Deen... you are prohibited from possessing a firearm. You are prohibited from going within 200 feet of any place of residence where Ryan Deen may live.”

The attorney representing Deen in court said she had just started work at a beauty supply store, was studying to be a medical assistant, and had never been in trouble with the law up until this point.

However, the state was favored in that Deen is prohibited from having any contact with her child for three months. Her bond was set at $50,000.