Houston police speak on the shooting death of gospel singer Adrian Medearis 

News of gospel singer Adrian Medearis’s death continues to shock the Houston community.

Houston police held a press conference on Monday to go over the details of what happened that evening.

The deadly incident took place last Friday around 1 a.m.

According to HPD, Medearis was stopped for driving about 97 miles an hour by officer J. Ramos, a 7-year veteran, and member of the DWI Task Force.

After a field sobriety test was conducted, Officer Ramos attempted to arrest Medearis, an altercation ensued.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo told reporters that there was body cam, dashcam, and security cameras that caught the whole ordeal.

He said during the struggle, Ramos attempted to use his taser but it was not effective due to the distance.

The struggle continued and when Ramos attempted to handcuff Medearis, Medearis was able to get a hold of Ramos’s taser.

That’s when Ramos drew his firearm shooting at Medearis four times, hitting him twice. First aid was provided at the scene, and Medearis was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

“His life ended with this violent struggle with law enforcement, that led to his death. Certainly doesn’t define his entire life, but by the same token our officer didn’t respond based on anything other than the resistance, the violent resistance by Mr. Medearis,” said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.

The family of Adrian Medearis are shocked, and heartbroken, and claimed that Houston Police never reached out to them. 

Chief Acevedo did say in the presser that he had reached out to the family and was waiting to hear back. FOX 26 is waiting to hear back from the family if they were able to view the footage.