Houston police chief questions why convicted robber shot by police was given a second chance

"The good Lord says help yourself and I will help you," said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo. "We help ourselves by holding people accountable."

As usual Acevedo isn't shying away from controversy or concerned with political correctness.

"When you start giving a slap on the wrist to violent criminals, I've got a problem," the chief said.

For some reason, the county's criminal justice system felt the 23-year old suspected robber shot and wounded by police Wednesday afternoon deserved a second chance, even though police say he has 10 prior convictions.

The convicted robber was given deferred adjudication, a form of probation normally given to first time offenders who are convicted of non-violent crimes. Defendants who successfully complete that form of probation will have no felony conviction on their records.

"They can get their second chance once the pay the price," Acevedo said. "Paying the price ain't deferred adjudication."

The suspected robber and his partner carjacked someone early Wednesday morning.

At around 3:00 p.m., police chased the stolen vehicle. That chase ended when the suspect the crashed the car.

"The driver was armed but guess what, he complied," said the chief.

The 23-year-old robber the chief says terrorized customers in the drive thru at a nearby Burger King.

"Went and tried to carjack a woman who had her two 15-year-old daughters in the backseat,"Acevedo said.

The robber couldn't drive a stick shift, so he jumped out of the car and ran into the Burger King.

"Terrorized them with a gun in his hand," the chief said.

The robber was shot and wounded by police officers after he ran out through the back door.

In a rare move, police allowed us into the crime scene to shoot video of the robber's gun.

All of this follows another strange case in which 21-year-old Anthony Conway allegedly killed a man after serving only 60 days in jail for shooting another man in the face.

"Who in the community thinks it's a good idea to allow someone who would shoot someone in the face and rob them to be out in just six months?" said Houston Police Union President Joe Gamaldi.

The officers involved were Officer David Baskin, an 11 year veteran, and Officer James Baker, a 6 year veteran. Both discharged weapons at the scene.